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17th July 18
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Data and benchmarking

This page provides guidance on national data for behaviour (exclusions)  and attendance. It enables schools to benchmark their own performance against national averages.

Statistical first release


The Statistical First Release is the main document providing guidance on national patterns. Copies of this document for attendance and exclusions can be found below. To access the SFR website directly click here.


National and LA level data will be disseminated via the Attendance Improvement Worker networks and the SLT  Attendance leads networks. Contact helen or Lorimer for details of the AIW netowrks and search for attendance at: for other attendance network information.

Attendance SFR


Attendance data is published in Raise Online, the performance tables; the data dashboard and the SFR.

Raise Online and performance table data covers  term 1 and 2 of an academic year. Only the SFR published HT1- 5 data. Ht 6 data is now published for under 15 year olds. This is published from March 2014 beginning with data from the academic year 2012-13.

Special school data is only ever published as Ht1- 5.

Raise Online now includes school level data for vulnerable groups against national data

The SFR contains national figures for PA, OA, UA. It also shows averages for vulnerable groups, gender, and year groups. The report also contains data on the share of absence nationally.

Target setting for attendance


Whilst there is now no requirement by the Government to set attendance targets it remains helpful to identify a level of expected attendance.


SFR for Exclusions


The SFR documentation is now housed on the DfE main site under statistics. it is published annually in July. Serach for school exclusions to  find the most up to  date version.

It contains 3 documents - an overview of the trends, national excel tables, local authority excel tables.

It will help schools to examine their own exclusion levels against LA and national trends.