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23rd March 19
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Identifying Your Current AGT Priorities

What is AGT provision like at the moment in your school? What is working well? Where are the areas which could be developed further?

Before taking action it is always important to take stock. Below are links to self-evlaution and audit tools to help you.


Having established your school's starting position an audit can offer the school's AGT Co-ordinator a more detailed picture of provision, whilst also supporting planning by suggesing those areas in which most development might be needed.

As well as looking at (value-added) assessment data to see how well your most able pupils progress, you might search your most recent OFSTED report, survey teachers' preferred approaches to differentiation, speak to some able pupils or even follow an able pupil's timetable for the day.

Below is Lancashire's audit which makes links to the IQS (see Quality Standards) but which can be used as a quick "where are we now" checklist. 


Having identified that a focus on able pupils may be an appropriate area for development, it is useful for senior leaders to establish your school's starting position: identifying areas of relative strength and those where most development is needed.

A national Quality Standards Framework has been developed to achieve this aim. 

The Lancashire Framework for School Self-Evaluation includes a section to support the evaluation of AGT provision.


Pre-IQS Lancs guidance document re. whole-school AGT provision.