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Ofsted: The safe use of new technologies
( 124 k)

Ofsted report including recommendations based on survey evidence evaluating the extent to which schools taught pupils to adopt safe and responsible practices in using new technologies. 

eSafety: Quick Self Assessment Tool for Ofsted Inspections
( 74 k)


The resource above has been adapted from the original tool developed by the Liverpool ICT Team and can be used for quick self-assessment of eSafety provision in preparation for Ofsted inspections.


DCSF: Cyberbullying - Supporting School Staff
( 734 k)

A useful DCSF / Childnet resource on Cyberbullying and its impact on school staff.  It includes details of the variety of forms it can take and measures to prevent and address its occurrence.

Byron Review


‘Safer Children in a Digital World, the Report of the Byron Review’ is an independent review of the risks children face from exposure to potentially harmful materials on the internet and in video games, Authored by Dr Tanya Byron, it was presented to the Department for Children, Schools and Families in March 2008. The subsequent ‘Byron Review Action Plan’ sets out how Dr Byron’s recommendations to improve children’s safety in these areas will be implemented in practice.


Full Version


Action Plan

A Summary for Children and Young People


Publications from BECTA


AUPs in context: Establishing safe and responsible online behaviours

February 2009

Safeguarding children online: How e-safe are your school and your learners?

February 2009

Safeguard learners online: How are you safeguarding next generation learners?

January 2009


Signposts to safety: Teaching e-safety at

Key Stages 1 and 2

April 2007



Signposts to safety: Teaching e-safety at

Key Stages 3 and 4

April 2007


Safeguarding children online - a guide for school leaders

January 2008


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