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13th July 20
Trail : home / ICT Management : Making your school safe online

Policy and practice




Does your school have a set of robust policies and practices?




  Do you have  Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) for various users?
Is everyone aware of it?
  Does your anti-bullying policy include references to cyberbullying?  
  Are effective sanctions for breaching the policy in place?  
  Have you appointed an eSafety coordinator?  









Is the school network safe and secure?


  Do you use an accredited Internet Service Provider?  

Do you use a filtering/monitoring product?  


Education and training



Do your children receive online safety education?
Where, how?

Are staff, including support staff, trained?
Do you have a single point of contact in the school?  
Do the leadership team and the governors have adequate awareness of the issues surrounding eSafety?  


Standards and Inspection



Have you conducted an audit of your school's Online Safety measures?  


 Do you monitor, review and evaluate all of the above?


Becta 2009

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