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7th October 15

Improving Teaching and Learning

Are there aspects of reading and writing in your school that need developing or updating? Are you performing better in some areas of literacy than others?


We can offer packages of information and support that you can use to organise and develop aspects of reading and writing in your school. These can be used by you, with or without support from our team; or a mixture of both.


There are four layers of input for most of the aspects of literacy shown on the tables.


Like most schools, you may find that you are working within different layers for different aspects of literacy; e.g. layer 3 planning, layer 1 speaking and listening. The materials are designed on a pick n’ mix model so you can enhance some areas whilst starting to implement others.


Please download the document below for a full breakdown of all the packages and levels offered and if you would like any more information, or would like to arrange for a consultant to work with you, contact the team on 01257 516100 or email lpds@lancashire.gov.uk.