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myLGfL Details


MyLGfL is a set of web-based tools to support teachers and pupils in their school work. It is available to all teachers and pupils with an LGfL email account. It includes services such as personalised calendars, LGfL email, a personalised folder area, and podcasting . Lancashire schools incur no extra costs for using this system.

The system is used by primary, secondary and special schools. The school is in control of the services allocated to groups or individual users.

The login page for MyLGfL is

LGfL Email

There is a direct link to your email area from myLGfL. Administrators can also restrict access to email for any of their users at the click of a button.

The Folder System

The folder system simply allows users to upload documents, videos, sound files or other file types to an online storage area. The user can then download their documents to use them wherever they are (e.g. in school or at home). There is also a shared files area that is available for staff to share their files. A multiple file upload feature has also been added to the folders area

Filtering System (MyFiltering)

The devolved filtering system provides schools (where required) to control their own filtering according to local requirements - see alo

The Calendar System

The calendar system allows many different views of the same calendar (day/ week/ month/ year). It  allows you to attach documents to your calendar and invite different users and groups of users to visit it. This is being used by schools to support meeting groups (e.g. SMT, school projects or School Departments). Some schools have also used it to support class activities such as homework or projects. Calendars can be set up by the user to produce reminders about important events or meetings. These reminders or alerts appear in the myAlerts section of myLGfL.


Podcasting has many relevant uses to the curriculum. To support this work we are adding a new podcast service to MyLGfL. This service provides teachers with the ability to set up a podcast experience for their students easily. Once the teacher has defined the criteria for a particular podcast, the selected students will be able to upload their podcast episodes including a relevant picture. The teacher can then check the quality of the episode and publish the work at three levels; to their school, to all Lancashire schools or to the whole of the Internet. The podcasts can then be played and subscribed to using iTunes. We are currently working on a new service MyMedia which will make the creation and broadcating of media (e.g. audio and video) more simple.

The News Sections

There are two major news sections- myLGfL news and School News. Users will see news sent from LGfL in the myLGfL news section. Schools can add their own news to the school news section. Administrators for myLGfL have permission to add news to this section. 


You will also notice the favourites section. This allows you to add your favourites websites to your own area and access them wherever you have a web connection. You can upload all your favourites from your computer in one upload.

Work Setting Tool

The task setting feature (My work) is currently being tested and will soon be available to all schools. This tool allows teachers to set work for students online. The work is sent to the specified group of students and they can then respond by sending their work back to the teacher e.g. as an attached document. The teacher can give feedback on the work as comments and as a grade.

Screen Movies support

We have made screen movies showing users how to use the services within myLGfL. We have integrated the films into your myLGfL site but they can also be viewed at:

We have also added portfolio areas for some schools - on request.

Ongoing Projects:
  • Blogging
  • Media creation and publication system (MyMedia)
  • Room/Equipment booking system (version 2 being made after school evaluation)

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