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11th August 22

Using Your School Website

You can set work or send information to pupils via your website. Lancashire Schools are provided with webspace on which they can place their website files so they can be viewed across the Internet. Schools can upload their own web pages onto our server by FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or they may use a content management system (CMS) that doesn't need FTP. We have outlined how to use FTP and the main CMS used in Lancashire below (The LGfL CMS).

a) Using FTP

How do I this?
You will need is a copy of FTP software (see below) to allow you to make file transfers and your school's username and password details which you can obtain from LGfL (see below).

FTP Software
There are many ftp software programs you can use but we recommend 'WS_FTP'. This is completely free within education and is very popular and easy to use. To find out more about this software and how to use it go to:


To download WS_FTP software click on the link below:

WS_FTP software

To prevent just anyone from accessing your school's allocated web space, each school has a unique username and password combination. To find out your ftp details you will need to contact us. We would prefer that you send an email, via your head teacher's e-mail account, to webmaster@lancsngfl.ac.uk requesting your school's FTP username and password. Alternatively you may fax your request on the school's letter headed notepaper to 01257 516 365 - please include a contact number.

b) Using The LGfL (Lancashire Grid for Learning) CMS

How to login to the LGfL CMS - Click here for a video Tutorial

Many schools in Lancashire use the LGfL CMS to develop and run their school websites. The CMS allows schools to set up areas of their website that can be managed by different staff. Using the CMS staff can upload files to their website from any location with an internet connection. In a primary school there is often an area made for each class which could include an area for work to be set. In a high school it is more likely that each subjects would be responsible for an area of the website and again ths could include work for pupils.

Adding text to your website

How to add text to your LGfL CMS -Click here for a video tutorial

Click on the 'New Entry' button new entry button.

This will make the editing screen appear. You can type directly into the editing box and use the tools on the toolbar above the editing box to format your work. Click on the submit button to make the text appear on your website.

using the cms

 Adding a file for students to download

Adding a file to your website using the LGfL CMS -Click here for a video Tutorial

If you require pupils to download a file such as a PowerPoint presentation, a word document or a sound file you can use the download file facility carry out the following steps.

Click on the 'New Entry' button and the editing screen appears. At the top of this screen add a suitable title for the file you want to be available for your pupils. Then click on browse which will open a popout screen. Find your file and click on 'Open' on your popout screen. Click on the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the editing screen and your file will be uploaded and will appear on your LGfL CMS.

Using Other Features of the LGfL CMS

The CMS has many other features and a user guide within each CMS covers how to use the main features on this system. Once you have logged into your CMS click on home tab at the top of the screen and choose the online manual link. This will open a support site for the LGfL CMS and the user guide can be accessed by clicking on user guide from the navigation panel.