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11th August 22
Trail : home / Emergency procedures for supporting learning and community : Using MyLGfL- MyWork task setting tool

Using MyLGfL- MyWork task setting tool

 'MyLGfL is available to all teachers and pupils with an LGfL email account. It includes personalised calendars, LGfL email, a news section, favourites, personalised folders and a task setting tool. There is no extra cost to the school for using this system at the moment. One Connect Limited now run this system. Issues can be reported to call.centre@westfield.lancsngfl.ac.uk or by phoning 0845 053 0006. General information about the MyLGfL can be found at:



The MyWork tool allows teachers to set work for students online. The work is sent to the specified group of pupils and they can then respond by sending their work back to the teacher e.g. as an attached document. The teacher can give feedback on the work as comments and as a grade. The pupil will receive the grade and feedback from the teacher.

How to set work:

Click Here for a video Tutorial on how to use this tool

In order to use this tool for your pupils you would have to make email accounts for all them (see section 1 above - using email).

Put the pupils in groups to make it easy to allocate them the correct work. You can make groups as small or as large as you want.

Log onto MyLGfL and click on the MyWork feature on the homepage.

The Work Group page will appear. Click on the 'Create Work Group' button create work group buttonThen add a title and a description for your task (see below).

work groups

Save the information and you will go back to the Work Group Page. Click on the work group title (e.g. in this example it is Year someting- Mr Smith - ICT) and add the task information and the pupils who you want to complete the work (see screenshot below).

 seeting projects in mylgfl

To add the pupils you want to complete the task click on single (for single users) or groups (for groups of users). On the page that is displayed click next to the user or group you want to do the task and click save. The pupils who have been chosen will appear under the work group.

Now you will need to create a task for the pupils. Click on create work project and fill in the form that appears ( see the screenshot below). Make sure you attach any documents you want to send to pupils and put on a date you expect the pupils to have finished and sent the work back to you. Click on publish to send the task to the pupils.


setting work in mylgfl