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23rd September 14
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Filtering Introduction


This page provides useful information on the Lancashire Grid for Learning Internet Content Filtering provision. All schools connecting through LGfL are provided with Internet Content Filtering as part of the Core subscription package.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It should be noted that the main aim of content filtering is to MINIMISE THE RISK OF USERS ACCESSING INAPPROPRIATE MATERIAL ON THE INTERNET. Whilst the content filtering provision will significantly contribute towards this, it should NOT be viewed as a complete solution that will block all inappropriate material and therefore should be underpinned with good practice.

Further descriptive information relating to the additional filtering categories referred to in the LGfL Advisory Notice (291211 LGfL Content Filtering Upgrade) issued through the Schools Portal.

Block Message 'Pornography'

Posted: 13th Nov 2012

Further to feedback from school-based colleagues, the block page displayed (see below) when attempting to access a site that is classified by Netsweeper as 'Pornography' has now been amended to read 'Adult Content'. Whilst the categorisation criteria and level of protection employed remains the same, it is hoped that this will alleviate issues encountered with younger children over the use of the description 'Pornography'.

Posted: 13th Nov 2012 Phase 2 Filtering Update (Proforma) : Adobe Acrobat file (192.6k)

Feedback from school-based colleagues through the LGfL Helpdesk during Phase 1 has been very useful and we have incorporated a number of these suggestions to better suit school requirements.  As part of the filtering migration, we are now entering Phase 2 where additional functionality will become available. 

During Phase 2, Headteachers are able to request the ability (where required) to have local control over filtering in their school through myLGfL.  In order to facilitate this, the LGfL Team requires a request proforma to be completed by the Headteacher and returned to the Schools' ICT Centre (please note, feedback indicates that this will be a popular feature and therefore changes may take up to 2 working days from receipt to take effect).

It is important to note that in requesting devolved control, schools will be responsible for maintaining an appropriate level of filtered Internet access within school.  On receipt of the completed proforma, the LGfL Team will make the necessary changes and details on how to access the LGfL Filtering Interface will be sent to the Headteacher's lancs.sch.uk e-mail account*.  Where Headteachers wish to devolve filtering control to other members of school staff, they will need to ensure appropriate records are maintained within school and ensure colleagues are explicitly aware of their responsibilities and potential implications should sites/categories be blocked/unblocked.

Schools wishing to request this facility should complete the proforma above and return to the Schools' ICT Centre using the enclosed details.


* Headteachers using non-lancs.sch.uk e-mail accounts will be provided with appropriate lancs.sch.uk login details as part of the setup process.


New Filtering System for Lancashire Schools

Posted: 18th Jun 2010

From Tuesday 1st June 2010, the Lancashire Grid for Learning will be implementing the first phase of a new filtering system (Netsweeper). Further details will be posted to this page as they become available. However, the information below gives a brief overview of how this will be implemented:

Phase 1 of the migration will provide a similar level of functionality to Smartfilter with 3 default policies applied - Primary Pupils; Secondary Pupils; School Staff. This phase will also include Dynamic Categorisation where sites are automatically categorised on access. Available w/c 1st June 2010.

Phase 2 of the migration will provide additional functionality including the ability for schools (where required) to control their own filtering according to local requirements. Available from July 2010.

Phase 3 will focus on implementing some of the more advanced Netsweeper features including enhanced monitoring, reporting and time-restricted policies.


Posted: 1st Jun 2010 LGfL Internet Content Filtering : Adobe Acrobat file (307.1k)
A copy of the filtering update correspondence sent to all schools via the Schools Portal.