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25th September 16
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Introduction - An Innovative use of ICT in PE

We investigated  several different dance mat systems looking at how they could be used as a flexible resource for schools to support health, fitness, PE opportunities and extended services. The systems were all very effective in supporting dance mat activities. Cyber Coach system was the only system we could find that provided a virtual instructor system in addition to the dance mat features.

What is Cyber Coach

 The Cyber Coach system has two main parts i.e. the virtual instructor and the dance mat system.

 Virtual Instructor - Teachers can choose small sequences of the same or different instructors to make up suitable lessons for pupils, staff or other members of the school community. A touch screen is used to choose the different parts of the 'workout' (lesson).

(schematic from Cyber Coach manual)

Dance Mat Games - Wireless dance mats can also be used to carry out dance mat activities and curriculum-based games. The touch screen is used to choose the different activities/games and the users input their responses through the dance mats. 

(schematic from Cyber Coach manual)

Aims of Project

To evaluate the Cyber Coach system by ascertaining its effectiveness in the chosen schools:
- To support  health and fitness
- To support the health and well being of school staff
- To enhance the opportunities given to students in PE and Performing Arts (in relation to types/opportunities of exercise)
- To support the extended service opportunities.

We also want schools to ascertain the effectiveness of this system in relation to its ease of use/quality of provision.

This work is being done in conjunction with the Lancashire Healthy Schools team.