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We have improved the LGfL web site, but this may mean that some of those critical links / resources may have moved. If you are having problems then please check out our FAQ section below, and if your questions are not answered then drop us an email at webmaster@ict.lancsngfl.ac.uk and we will do our very best to help.

We have included four areas (Browser testing, Gaining Access, Icons explained, FAQ's) to help eliminate some basic problems that you may have. These are broken down below.

The above link is a tool for checking your computer is adequately 'tuned' for the modern internet experience. There are three sections to this page the firstly being a test to check your internet browser. The second section is testing for basic plugins that most sites use today, for example the flash plugin. The final section are links to downloadable files that are useful for every computer user.
This page describes the intranet and how you can have access to it.
This page is designed to help you understand any of the icons that are used on our site, what applications use them, and how to go around using them.
This page is a helpful guide for all new to the internet, or just new to our improved web site.
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