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15th April 21

Welcome to the LGfL Primary Science website.

Science Update:

Stoke Authority and Science Across Cities have produced a very useful guide to support Science Subject Leaders with identifying gaps and embedding missed learning into future topics. It will help to adapt Medium Term Plans over the next two academic years to ensure learning is progressive. The resource is free to all schools and can be found at;


I suggest looking at the Information and Guidance for each year group first and then go on from there to explore all of the resource. 


CLEAPSS H&S advice for Primary Science

http://primary.cleapss.org.uk/  CLEAPSS support teachers with the dos and don'ts of H&S in primary school. If you follow the link and do a search for 'covid' then you will be able to access all the up to date advice for doing practical science in primary schools in September. Current guidance is on the site and a further update is due before September so be sure to keep checking for more information to support subject leaders and teachers. 


The science team will still be on hand over the summer to answer any queries you may have in preparation for the autumn term so drop your emails to rwebbscience@gmail.com