RE and Lancashire SACRE

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11th August 22
Trail : home / SACRE


' I've been involved with Religious Education and Collective Worship in schools all my life. I am still committed to ensuring the best possible RE experience for pupils in Lancashire' 'I'm involved as a representative of the Hindu community… We have a centre of excellence that can support the teaching of Hinduism across Lancashire schools' 'I hope to promote understanding between people of different faiths and community cohesion" 'I am placed on the SACRE by the County Council…this is a very important body for promoting inter community relations' 'I am involved in teaching training and represent a local university. I am keen to support improvements to the teaching of RE as best I can' 'I believe that the teaching of RE is crucially important to the schools I serve. It is vitally important that young people have the opportunity to explore other faiths to and to celebrate our common purpose' ' I am interested in promoting a more informed and tolerant society through the vital medium of RE teaching'