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21st July 18

Welcome to the RE section of the Lancashire Grid for Learning. Through this website you will find many sources of inspiration to support your classroom teaching of RE. Lancashire's SACRE is committed to supporting all colleagues who are making Religious Education the best it can be for the children and young people of our County.

Watercolour image of the earth with religious symbols

 At the heart of Lancashire's syllabus is the quest to understand what it is to be human. By learning about and from religion we can become more open minded, respectful and achieve greater self-awareness. The skills and attitudes developed though RE can thus make a significant contribution to promoting British Values and developing community cohesion in Lancashire. 


Farmington Scholarships

Applications for the 2018/19 Farmington Scholarships are now open. These are Scholarships available to teachers of religious education and associated subjects in UK secondary, primary, and special needs schools. Head teachers who wish to undertake research into either religious education or values education are also eligible to apply.

Scholarships cover the cost of tuition, essential local travel and, by negotiation with the school, the salary of a replacement teacher up to point 6 of the main pay scale. Scholarships last for a maximum of 30 days and can either be taken at a local university (we have links with 15 throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) or can be home-based with a local tutor.

A to Z of Religion and Beliefs

An animated A to Z guide for pupils aged 11-14 that explores and introduces a variety of religious topics.
Alongside each film, there is more information about the content and suggestions of how it could be used in the classroom. Click the title above to visit the site.

My Life My Religion

BBC Video Clips for KS2 to support work on 'Living Religious Traditions'. Click on the title above to visit the site.

Hot off the press...

- The State of the Nation: A report in Religious Education provision within secondary schools in England. Sept 2017

- Interim report from the Commission on Religious Education….. 'Religious Education for All' September 2017

- NATRE report on levels of provision of Religious Education in schools. September 2017.

To download click on the title above or the 'reports' section left

If you wish to buy into the Lancashire Agreed Syllabus...

If you wish to buy into the Lancashire Agreed Syllabus to access these planning and assessment materials please click on the title above to email us or phone 01257 516166

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Need to ask someone of faith a question?

Need to ask someone of faith a question? Click the title above to find out more about Email a Believer at RE Online.