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26th September 18
Trail : home / Economic Wellbeing and Financial Capability

Economic Wellbeing and Financial Capability

Learning about money should begin as early as possible. Psychologists say as soon as a child is able to recognise coins.

There are many resources to help you. Lancashire was awarded the pfeg 'Centre of Excellence award' in 2010 for the work that had been done in this area over the last few years.

Children in the 21st century do not handle money as much as their parents and grandparents may have done.

  • Try going back to paying dinner money in cash rather than having parents pay by standing order or by cheque.
  • Use real money or real sized money for classroom activities. 
  • Encourage children to get involved with the planning of activities that involve money.
  • Contact your local bank to find out whether they can help you with resources.
  • Use the pfeg website to find resources to help in your teaching.