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13th December 18
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Consultancy and School Based Training

Mathematics training and consultancy is available across all Key Stages within the Early Years and Primary range.  Examples of the bespoke services provided by the team include:

  • Support for the subject leader
    - audit of current support
    - action planning
    - monitoring and evaluation
    - development of policies
    - analysis of data

  • Support for classroom teachers
    - planning support
    - teaching and learning support
    - developing effective strategies for teacher assessment
    - differentiation

  • Support for the whole school
    - pre and post Ofsted inspection support
    - subject knowledge training through staff meetings or INSET
    - effective intervention
    - workshops for parents or governors

Please email us using the form below if you are interested in accessing support of this kind.


Lynsey Edwards - Senior Primary Mathematics Consultant


Sue Bailey - Primary Mathematics Consultant


Andrew Taylor - Primary Mathematics Consultant


Andrew has spent 12 years in Lancashire working as a teacher across the primary range, as a member of the school leadership team and as a consultant. He joined the Primary Mathematics Team part time in 2006, and became full time in 2008.


During his time on the team he created and developed the Lancashire planning support disc, which has subsequently been sent into every primary school in Lancashire. Andrew has special responsibility for the newsletter and the website, and has a particular interest in the development and history of mathematics.


In 2010, he became an accredited Local Consultant for Improvement for Stronger Management Systems and also, Primary Mathematics: Using Overcoming Barriers. As the father of two young children, he is gaining first hand experience of the early stages of mathematical development.

Peter Toogood - Primary Mathematics Consultant


Peter began teaching in the early 1980s and has worked extensively in upper KS2 but has experience across all year groups. He has led many subjects in a large school, most recently mathematics and ICT and was a member of the senior leadership team.


Peter joined the Lancashire Mathematics Team in 2003 as a consultant and has worked particularly on the effective use of ICT in mathematics with a particular focus on the use of the Interactive Whiteboard. He was the representative for the team at the National Whiteboard Network which worked to promote the effective use of interactive whiteboards and created resources to be used on them.


Within the mathematics team Peter has a particular interest in challenging all children with a particular emphasis on the able, gifted and talented. In 2010 Peter became an accredited Local Consultant for Improvement in Stronger Management Systems and Overcoming Barriers in mathematics.