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27th September 20
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I've lost my form – can you send me another?


Forms are available for download on the portal, where they were originally sent out. They are also available from this website


How many hours can an FLA work?


FLAs work a maximum of 12 hours per week.


How much do they cost?


The current minimum gross annual allowance is £7,030 (exclusive of the employer's NI contribution). The rate for 2011-12 will be announced by the DfE in August/September, and may or may not change this year


I can't offer an FLA 12 hours work – can we pay less?


No. The FLA must be paid that amount as a bare minimum, to cover the cost of their standard of living in the UK while they're here. If you can't offer the full 12 hours – you might be able to share the cost/hours with another school.


How many schools can share an assistant?


An assistant can be shared between up to 3 schools, any mixture of primary and secondary.  One school must act as the 'lead' school and they should submit the application and note down the names of the other schools on their forms. These arrangements should be made locally, between schools themselves. 


What languages are available?


All the usual suspects – French, German, Spanish, even Russian, Japanese and Arabic! The British Council deals with 21 different countries.

If you want a Chinese assistant, you need to apply direct to the British Council – not going through LCC. The forms are on their website: http://www.britishcouncil.org/languageassistants-schools-chinese-language-assistants.htm – the deadline for the form to be returned to the British Council is still March 4th.


When are the FLAs here from/until?


FLAs will be in your school for a core 8 month period from October to May.


The dates are slightly different for Chinese FLAs – please contact the British Council for more information.


Can I request a specific FLA/language?


If you want a specific person, please note down all their details on the application form – including their name and the name of their university. The British Council will try its best to accommodate you, but we can't guarantee anything.


I want to keep my FLA from last year – can I?


The short answer – sometimes. You can reapply to keep French FLAs for a second year – unfortunately the demand for other languages is too high for this to be standard across the board and the British Council do try to give preference to those schools who have not had an FLA before.

If you want to do this, please specify their names on your application form.


My FLA wants to go to another school in the area. What happens next?


They will need to return a form to the British Council, which will be sent to them directly. This will be arranged between them. If they have not received a form, they should contact the British Council directly themselves.