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10th December 19
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Using the KS2 Framework

Using the KS2 Framework


Although this is not a statutory document it still provides much valuable information for teachers of FL in KS2 and can be used to support the development of FL provision in schools.  The Key Stage 2 Framework for Languages sets a rationale for language learning in primary schools and defines the skills, knowledge and understanding that children should develop as they begin their language learning apprenticeship. The Framework is based on sound principles of primary pedagogy. It sets out learning objectives across five strands, Oracy, Literacy, Intercultural Understanding, Knowledge about Language and Language Learning Strategies. It is inclusive and for all children. It recognises that language is central to the development of individual identity and that education in language and culture plays a vital part in shaping the future of our world community.


Although the framework was only a guidance document (2005) the principles underpinning progression in language learning are still relevant to the new programmes of study.  Schools still may use this document for planning purposes.