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27th May 22
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Playground Songs & Games

the Music Manifesto National Singing Programme

produced by Youth Music, The Sage Gateshead, AMV-BBDO, and Faber Music, supported by Government.

Playground Songs & Games

§  We think Singing Games could be a very simple way of introducing singing into your school.

§  They are great brain gym activities, using physical, rhythmical, left/right and complex co-ordination.

§  They don’t require great musical ability so can get kids singing without worrying about skills.

§  Playground singing can happen at the time of  the school day most associated with conflict.

§  They can involve members of the school community who are less associated with delivering the curriculum and so help build a stronger community.

§  Young singing leaders or playground buddies can find these quite easy to lead.

§  They are suitable for kids who may not normally join in singing activities because they feel shy or sad.

§  They support PSHE.  It’s a healthy and sociable activity.  Children may be doing things they don’t usually do in the classroom like making eye contact, holding hands, choosing partners.  

Download the word document to view the lyrics for Playground Songs.