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4th December 21
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Taking Care Of Your Brass Instrument


  • Always lay the case down flat before you unpack your instrument.


  • Keep your instrument away from extreme hot and cold temperatures.


  • When assembling your instrument always place the mouthpiece in gently with a single twist – DO NOT bang it in.


  • DO NOT let anyone else play your instrument, it is your responsibility.


  • DO NOT stand your instrument up on its bell, always lay it flat.


  • When you are not playing your instrument either pack it away or buy a special stand that allows you to leave your instrument out safely. You can purchase those in music shops or on the internet.


  • If you have a problem with your instrument, please DO NOT try and fix it yourself, bring it straight back to your music teacher at school and DO NOT try to get it mended yourself.


  • Practice at home. By playing your instrument a little each day you will make good progress and keep your instrument in good working order.


  • To help you practice you can log in to Lancashiremusicserviceinteractive.co.uk. You will find this information in your practice diary.


Following these guidelines will ensure that you have great fun playing your instrument.