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17th August 18
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About Us

Lancashire Music Service provides support, advice and tuition to meet the needs of children wishing to learn to play a musical instrument. 170 specialist teachers provide tuition and support to over 18,000 pupils per week. The service is Lead Partner for Lancashire Music Hub which receives grant funding to contribute to the aims of the National Plan for Music Education. The service successfully trades with schools and parents to operate.

Tuition is available on all instruments either individually or in groups. Whole class instrumental tuition programmes give children an opportunity to learn a musical instrument within Primary or Secondary Schools. Every pupil receives an instrument and the scheme is provided free to pupils. In addition to these first access programmes, LMS provides tuition and ensemble activities for those who wish to pursue their musical activities beyond the introductory stage.

LMS operate 11 Music Centres, which are based predominantly in high schools across the County and meet in the evenings. These centres provide a range of ensembles from beginner to advanced levels and tuition for those who do not wish to have lessons during the school day. Advanced students audition to gain a place in one of the County Bands or Orchestras. Currently there are 6 county Ensembles; 2 Orchestras, 2 Jazz Orchestras, 1 Concert Band, and 1 Brass Band.

The service also provides support and guidance to Head Teachers, Heads of Music, Music Coordinators and non-specialist teachers through workshops, consultancy, networking opportunities, training events and access to award winning e learning resources.