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Find useful resources for your Italian lessons on this page.

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1. Role-Play - Foundation. Revise basic sentences for the GCSE. (Download the Power Point here)

2. Hot Seat: one pupil comes to the front of the classroom and the rest of the group asks him / her questions from the list or pupils can make their own questions. Duration: 5 minutes. Pupils can also say which level the person on the hot seat achieved. Good for starter.  Download an example here. (You can change the questions)

3. Who is it? The teacher (or a pupil) chooses a famous person. The group has to find out who it is by asking yes/no questions. Good for starter. 

4. Speed dating: place the tables in your classroom in a circle (or in a row) and place the chairs outside the circle and inside the circle. Pupils sit anywhere they want at first. Give pupils a list of questions you want them to practice. Tell pupils they will have 5 minutes to ask each other the questions you gave them. After five minute, say 'change' and pupils sitting outside the circle have to move one place to the right and do the same with the next partner. This is particularly good for Year 10-11 revising for the GCSE. The more questions the better.

5. Spin the bottle: Divide the group in small teams of 4 or 5. Give each pupil a list of questions you want them to practice and an empty plastic bottle. Tell pupils to spin the bottle and the pupil sitting in front of where the bottle points has to answer a question.
6. Debate: Divide the group in small teams of 2-3. Choose a topic e.g. school uniform or the school rules. Each team will be given a different point of view to the topic. For example, one team could be for the school uniform, another one against. One team could be the parents' point of view and another team the pupils' point of view, etc...
7. Longer please: Divide the class in 2. Write on the board: Gioco. (just an example), pupils have to add something to the sentence to make it longer. The next pupil (from the other team) has to remember what the sentence was and add something to it. The first pupil to repeat the sentence incorrectly loses the point for the team.
8. Telephone game: Prepare 5-6 questions in advance and write them down on a piece of paper. Divide the class in 2. (it works best when you have a student teacher or a classroom assistant with you, but you can also use the help of your best pupil) Both 'teachers' secretly whisper the phrase or sentence to the first pupil of the team (or first table depending of your sitting plan). The pupil then whispers the sentence to the table behind him/er and so on. The team that does it the fastest and with the least errors, wins.
 1. Comics: make up a dialogue between these 2 teenagers. Fill in the bubbles. (Download the blank cartoon here: blank 1, blank 2)
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