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1st June 20
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MFL in the classroom

Welcome to the Secondary MFL section of the Lancashire Grid for Learning.

In this area you will find links to websites, resources and the MFL SLNs (Strategic Learning Networks). Every secondary school in the county has volunteered to be a member of one of the 10 networks, whose aim is to further enhance the progress made, as a result of our involvement with the MFL KS3 Framework.

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MFL Artwork

We hope you find ideas on the site which will not only help with the nitty-gritty of curriculum planning, but which will bring more fun to the learning experience and provide extra support for you as an MFL teacher.

In Lancashire we love languages, we are great communicators and we hope that the site reflects this. The linguistic skills and attitudes acquired in our MFL classrooms, and in our communities as a whole, will serve to equip our students with some universally-recognised key skills for life.