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29th September 20
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Fun and Games

Resources to support MFL are currently being made. This section of the website will change considerably in the coming year.
The activities need a free Flash Player to work. Click on the link to download one.

Number Crusade


Number Crusade Resource

Number Crusade (French version).

Learn numbers by shooting the correct answer. This version is in French for numbers 1-100.

Number crusade : Flash file (60.5k)

Face maker [French]


Make a face using 'facemake' and learn the vocabulary as you go along. Then write about the face you have made. Click on the link below the sceen shot to play with the resource.


A screen shot from 'facemaker'

Mystery Person

Guess the mystery person described. The faces have subtle animation, can you see them moving?

Mystery Person

Screen shot from Mystery Person

Have fun with phonetics


Click on the link below for games and practice.

Fun Websites

1. Create your own wordsearches - they can be done online or printed.
2. Create your own quizbuster games:
3. Games for children in French:
4. Games, videos and lots more from Telequebec.
5. Poisson rouge:
6. Lots of activities at La Lune de Ninou!