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18th September 21
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European Day of Languages: 26th September

European Day of Languages: 26th September

What will you do?

o      You can find a variety of resources and information on the CILT website and some great ideas for activities.

o      The Council of Europe�s website has information about the origin and objectives of the European Day of Languages as well as ideas and resources.

o       Language facts : click here

o      You can find quizzes on the Internet, just type in �quiz on European day� and you will find quite a few. Here are some examples you can download.

o      Power Point � What do you know about Europe?

o      Word Document � What do you know about Europe? Pupils could do the quiz in teams and then go through the answers with the teacher using the Power Point.

o      A number of celebrities speak a foreign language. Good to make posters and display all around the school! Click here to see who they are.

o     You can find very good quizzes here: 6 thematic quizzes and a quiz on how to say 'talk to me' in many languages. 

o     Language of the month is a project done by a primary school to promote all languages spoken in the school. Great idea!

o     Listen to the 23 languages of the EU. Could be done as a guess what language it is. Click here to listen to the languages.

o     The Goethe-Institut also has some resources and games that can be used for EDL. Click here to access the resources.

o     Order your mini language guides here.

o      You can receive some free material (pens, stickers, balloons, key-rings, mouse-pads...) at the 'UK-German connection'. Click here for more details.

o      Routes into Languages have a variety of activities and resources on their website, click here for more details, and here for the activity pack.