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29th September 20
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Here are some examples of 'Hot Potatoes' activities:


1. Les mois

2. Les animaux

3. Les couleurs

Match activities


There are 3 different 'match' activities:

1. Standard format:

 Les adjectifs

2. Drag and drop:

 Les adjectifs

3. Flashcards:

 Les adjectifs

Cloze activities : fill in the gaps


Cloze activites: You can either type in the words or highlight the words from the list and drag them in the gaps.

You can do them online or print them (good for a cover lesson!)

1. Le nouveau correspondant

2. Les vacances

3. Le ménage

Mix activities


Mix Activities: you can mix words, sentences, add maths problems, put words in alphabetical order, fill in the gaps and much more!

There are 2 different types of activities: you can either click on the words or drag and drop the words in the correct position.

Les chiffres:


Quiz activities


Quiz activities: there are 4 different types of quizzes

1. Multiple choice: choose the correct answer (you can have as many answers as you want or you can have 2 e.g. true or false)

Les sites de Paris

2. Short answer: pupils need to type the correct word / sentence.

Les sites de Paris

3. Hybrid: first it is a short-answer question, if pupils fail to do it correctly, it becomes a multiple choice question.

Les sites de Paris

4. Multi-select:  more than one answer can be correct.

Les sites de Paris