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4th August 20
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Courses and Events

COMPETITION: Lancashire's Talent 2013


To find out more about the competition, please click here.

Films at the Cornerhouse in Manchester


The Cornerhouse presents a diverse selection of recent and classic films from Francophone countries, showcasing the best filmmaking from countries including Canada, Senegal and Belgium.

Lancashire Courses


Lancashire County Council

LCC organises some great insets. To  find out, check on the school portal.


Courses in Germany for secondary pupils


Do you have pupils who would like to visit Germany in the summer? Here are details of two great opportunities available - please do make as many pupils and other teachers aware of them as possible. There is also an opportunity for teachers to act as group leaders.

German Scholarships Programme: A free four-week programme for pupils in Year 12 (Eng & Wal)/S5 (Scot)/Year 13 (NI). Pupils travel through Germany in international groups, and the programme includes a stay with a host family, cultural activities and visits to famous German cities. Further details, along with the application form and essay titles for application, are available at:
German Pupil Courses: These two-week courses are for pupils in Year 12 (Eng & Wal)/S5 (Scot)/Year 13 (NI), and also Year 10 (Eng & Wal)/S3 (Scot)/Year 11 (NI). The programme includes language lessons, trips and excursions, cultural activities and a stay in local host families. The cost will be £275, and further details and the online application are available at:
Group leader opportunities: Teachers of German with previous experience of leading groups abroad are invited to apply to act as group leaders on the German Pupil Courses. This is a great opportunity to spend time in Germany and take part in an international CPD opportunity. Please note that this opportunity is unfortunately not open to FLAs.
If you have any questions or would like any further information, please contact Marta Piwowarski on or 020 7824 1572.

ALL Manchester events


ALL Manchester organises some great Saturday morning CPD. To find out more about the events, visit the ALL website:

Language World


Language World is a conference, two days of nonstop CPD, an exhibition, a social event, and a chance for teachers from all over the country to meet up with their subject community to celebrate language teaching and learning.

Read what our delegates say about Language World here.

To find out more about the conference, go to the ALL website:


ICT and Languages Conference in Southampton


Languages South East organises a great MFL and ICT conference. To find out more, see link below:


ONGOING - aqa event booking online


To check AQA's courses and events, click here. You can also book online.


ONGOING - Edexcel events online


To find a course with Edexcel, please click here. You can book online.


Open Evening Ideas


Open evening ideas

1. French cafe (or a cafe with croissants, Apfelstrudel, churros, biscotti...)

* Pupils taking order in the TL.

* Give parents some cue cards in the TL for them to order.

2. Songs - with cue cards or pupils can do a dance to it (e.g. directions, parts of the body)

3. A play - set the room as a theatre

4. Games on the IWB

5. Quiz for the parents

6. Aerobics in the target language (when I did this activity, I had bought some costumes for the pupils: yellow socks, red shorts and black t-shirts)

7. Salsa taster lessons (you can download a salsa taster video from youtube)

8. Language taster lessons - organised by pupils

9. Chinese paper cutting (+fortune cookies)

10. Yodelling competition (record the participant using audacity - then play back for a laugh)

11. Paella making and degustation - can be done with the technology department.

12. Tai chi demonstration - (you can download a video from youtube)

13. Buffet with different cheeses: where do the cheese come from?

14. Stick the flag on the correct country (as a quiz or see no 20).

15. Exhibition and photo slideshow of all extra curricular activities in the department.

16. Use a large piece of cardboard and draw a person (ask pupils to do it for you). Draw arrows to the parts of the body. Laminate the vocabulary (parts of the body) and ask parents and children to label the body. Ask a pupil or 2 to be in charge of the activity.

17. You can do activity 16 with different topics: food, transport, flags, family (draw a family tree)...

18. Mandarin: buy chop sticks and M&M (anything round and difficult to pick up) and ask pupils to have a go. (works very well)

19. If you have MFL leaders, ask them to show a sample lesson they did at the primary school and also ask them to talk about their experience as an MFL leader.

20. You can use your wall as a working space: put the flags of several French speaking countries and ask parents to label them. Make sure the pupils in charge have the answers.

21. Place the tail onto the donkey: blindfold a parent or a pupil and direct them to where the bottom of the donkey is by using simple commands : to the right, to the left, up and down in the target language.