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4th August 20
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The International Dimension

The British Council Schools online


British Council Schools Online is a new global web service which offers:

•A partner finding service
•The International School Award accreditation framework
•Online forums and project spaces
•Signposting to professional development and other resources

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Find out all about Germany in an interactive way - from travel tips and language to youth culture - and make new contacts with young people from Germany!

'Exploring together: A global dimension to the secondary curriculum' and '2009-10 Global Wallplanner'


Dear Colleagues

DEA is an education charity promoting global learning. We work to help people learn about global issues, such as poverty and climate change.

We have recently produced two new resources to help teachers bring a global dimension to learning, and I would be very grateful if you could mention these in any forthcoming newsletters.

I have provided some text below which you might like to use:

Global Learning

The global dimension is an essential part of the secondary curriculum and helps to prepare young people as sucessful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens in a globalised world.

The education charity DEA has recently published ‘Exploring together: A global dimension to the secondary curriculum’, a pack of leaflets exploring the global dimension to each secondary National Curriculum subject.

The pack provides starting points for exploring what the global dimension means for particular subjects and can also be used for cross-curriculum planning. One copy of the Exploring together pack has been sent to all secondary school headteachers in England, together with the 2009-10 Global Wallplanner which can help with planning for schemes of work, assemblies and other whole school activities.

Further copies of the pack, and of the individual subject leaflets, can be downloaded as PDF files from , where you can also provide feedback and submit case studies. Extra wallplanners can be ordered via .

There are many local organisations, including Development Education Centres, that can support schools with work on the global dimension. Further details are at .

Thank you very much for your support with this.

With best wishes

Moira Jenkins

Schools Communications Manager

Direct line: 020 7922 7937

DEA has new website! Please take a look & tell us what you think:

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