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11th August 22
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Advent Calendars


1. Have a look at this fabulous international advent calendar from Sunderland LA.

Click here to access the International calendar.

2. Calendario dell'Avvento : an Italian calendar.

Click here to access the Italian calendar.

3. Adventskalendar: UK German Connection.

Click here to access the German calendar.

 4. Here is a fantastic French advent calendar from Jeanne de la Lune:

Click here to access the French calendar.

 5. Think German advent calendar:



Merry Christmas - in many languages



Quiz: Can you work out which language this is?

Download the Power Point here.

What do you know about Christmas in Europe? Find out here:

How do you say Merry Christmas in other languages?





1. Cluedo: Qui a tué Rudolph? (click here to download the file)

2. Wordsearch: Christmas Vocabulary (click here to download the file)

3. Crossword: Christmas Vocabulary (click here to download the file)


1. Norad:

2. L'atelier du Père Noel:

3. Songs:

4. Les origines de Noel:

5. Momes:

6. How to make a reindeer (un renne) :





2. Die Maus has a variety of activites.
3. Adventskalendar: Unser Sandmännchen:
4. Weihnachtsmarkt: To see the market , click on 'Markt live'. You have a choice between the webcam, a 360 video and much more.