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Developing Early Writing


Activities Linked to "Developing Early Writing"

and "Letters and Sounds"

National Literacy Strategy -DCSF Raising Standards Documents

 Many of the activities are in "Textease" - For information click here:  
Textease-Details and Download


 Connectives  Y2 T1 : Unit A
 Improving Text  Y2 T1 : Unit A
 Writing Rules  Y2 T1 : Unit A
 Subject Verb Complement  Y2 T1/3 : Unit B
 Subject Verb Object  Y2 T1/3 : Unit B
 Editing Text  Y2 T2 : Unit 12
 Sentence Work  Y2 T2 : Unit H (Textease)
 Instructions  Y2 T1 : Unit 11 (Textease)
 Sequencing Events  Y2 T2 : Unit 10 (Textease)
 Using Commas in Lists  Y2 T2 (Textease)
 Medial Phonemes  Y1 T1/2 (Textease)
 Sentence Building T1
 Easy Circle  Y1 T3 (Textease)
 Full Circle  Y1 T3 (Textease)
 Sentence Work  Y1 T1/2 (Textease)
 Rhyme  Y1 T1 (Textease)
   Y1 T1 (Textease)

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