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This is the Literacy Activities and Resources section of the Lancashire Grid for Learning web site. Here you will find activities for pupils of all ages, resources and links for teachers, and contributions from Lancashire schools.

Our aim is to create, or link to, high quality online teaching and learning materials that can help develop literacy across the curriculum. This website is run by LGfL (Lancashire Schools' ICT Centre).

Many of our newer resources are on our Moodle site- Sunny Safari. This site contains hundreds of topic courses as well as over 60 courses to support 'Letters and Sounds'.





Space hangman game

Ideas and resources for Literacy
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BBC Bitesize

KS1 - English
KS2 - English


Sunny Safari

Sunny Safari project



This site is rated five star by "A vast resource of material for students aged three to sixteen and teaching professionals in Literacy. There is so much material here that it is hard to comprehend the number of ways it could be used. The URL has changed, but the quality of the site hasn't. There are extensive links to other sites that are very useful. For example, the grammar dictionary link takes you to a helpful grammar dictionary. There are teacher resources, student exercises and reference materials. All of these are easy to navigate. This is an essential site for people who teach English...."
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