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16th December 18
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  Easter Glossary  Easter Glossary.
 Good Friday Good Friday: Sequence the events of Jesus' last day. A Textease exercise.
 BBC Watch Out BBC Watch Out. Use the pull down menu to find out more about 'spring things' e.g. mammals, birds, plants, invertebrates, reptiles and amphibians.
 Bible texts Bible texts. Find the Easter story in Matthew 26 - 28, Mark 14 - 16, Luke 22 - 24 and John 18 - 20. Type the Book & Chapter that you want into 'Passage Lookup'.
 Dates of Easter Dates of Easter for the years from 1550 - 2049
  The Story of Easter  The Story of Easter
  The Easter story  The Easter story as told in the Gospels
 An internet egg hunt An internet egg hunt - find the right egg and follow the trail
  Easter word games  Easter word games
 Easter themes A selection of pictures on Easter themes is included on this Web site. Nine 'themes' of Easter; friendship, duty, betrayal, courage, injustice, humiliation, endurance, despair and hope are explored through the paintings and Bible extracts.
 Springtime with Robbie Bear Springtime with Robbie Bear
A book made by the reception class at St. Laurence C.E. Primary School, Chorley.