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14th November 19
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Email a Postcard Email a postcard: A simple, but fun email activity to encourage writing. Simply select one of the beautiful cards illustrated by Jan Brett and send it to a cyber friend.
Instructional texts from EnchantedLearning.com Instructional texts for all sorts of crafts and activities including making an origami whale, a rainstick, or a magical banana. Clear instructions with diagrams and templates.
How to make a pyramid
How to make a pyramid.
Cambridge International Dictionary of English activities This is an online activity taken from the Cambridge International Dictionary of English. Can you spot the imperative verbs? Click and Drag them to match the illustrations.
answers to your questions All your questions are answered here.
What are hurricanes?
How were fossils formed?
What is a glacier? How is it formed. How does it move?
Why do we have high tides and low tides?
How Stuff works An excellent site with many examples of explanatory writing. Also useful for science and technology.