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Paddy had lots of kittens but they were all grown up now and living with their own pets in other houses in the town. Paddy's pet - Jim - was very well behaved and was always kind and considerate to everyone. When he was not looking after Paddy, Jim would spend time on his allotment, growing fruit and vegetables for himself and Paddy and for some of the neighbours, who thought that Jim's tomatoes were the best they had ever tasted.
In the evenings, when work was done, Jim and Paddy would curl up together on the settee and watch 'Coronation Street' - a soap opera about daily life in Lancashire.
In the winter months, Jim would turn up the central heating and light the lamps and they would be as cosy as anyone could be. Jim loved to hear Paddy purr as she lay with her head on his lap.
One evening, before their favourite programme began, Jim was watching the news. The weather forecast which followed was not very good - there were going to be severe gales and torrential rain over the next few days. Some areas were in danger of flooding. Jim was thankful that his house was not on the valley - he and Paddy should be safe from any flood water.


Jim and Paddy

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