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In the middle of England, lies the county of Lancashire. Here, surrounded by hills and beautiful countryside, lies the small town of Padiham, with it's meandering river running right through the centre of the town.
The people who live in Padiham are fond of their town, with it's small shops and walks by the river.
Living in Padiham was an old man called Jim. Everyone liked him for he was kind and thoughtful and even though he was no longer young, he would do anything to help his friends and neighbours.
Jim had an old house on the main road of the town and from there he could look across the fields to Pendle Hill. Jim had a pet - a cat called Paddy.
Paddy loved old Jim and thought she had trained her pet well, for each week, he would journey into the next big town, to the supermarket, where he would buy Paddy's favourite tins of cat food to keep Paddy fed and content in their little home.




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