David and his gang
Matthew's Story

Matthew has written a very interesting story that now needs editing.
Read the story carefully. Can you add sentence markers and paragraphs?
There is quite a lot of dialogue in here but no speech marks; can you work out where to add them?
Use a spell checker to find the words that need changing.
Can you also see where capital letters are needed?
If you could change the ending of this story what would you write?
Change the ending, or any other part of this story, to make it your own.
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The Old House

David and his gang of three boys and one girl was stood at the entrance of an old house where nobody now lived. They were dareing each other to go in but they all refused but david said yes ill go in and all the others said tomorrow we will meet you here at 10:00am if you chicken out your out of the gang. So David and the rest of them went home that night David could not sleep he just lye in bed thinking about what could be in the house maybe it was hunted maybe there was a devilish dog in there whatever it was it wasn't going to scare him so he tried to get to sleep in the end he got to sleep. In the morning he had his breakfast and said to his mum i'm going up to the old house no your not said his mum why not because thats an old house and if you get hurt there i'll be heart broken. Ok said David but David still went there when he got there his friends were already there they said we thought you'd chickend out never said David so what ya whiting for oh we got something else to tell you the man who lived there had a rare stone colecton we want you to bring back one of those stones right, right so David went to the front door but it was locked he saw a smashed window he climbed throght he cut him self on the left hand getting in he landed in the living room he had a look round but he could not find enything he said to him self maybe just maybe they are in his bedroom he ran to the stairs and walked slowly up them when he got to the top he looked in every room when he came to the last one he looked in and saw them on the top shelf he crabed one went out of the room went down the stairs went throght the broken window a spike of glass tor his t-shirt and the piece of cloth was left there he showed the stone to his friends and then went home the next morning she washed his T-shirt and saw a piece was torn off it so she decided to go down town and bye David a new T-shirt on her way walking there she went past the old house and saw the piece of cloth she went in and got it she went home fitted the piece of cloth against the T-shirt David must have gone in the old house so she shouted here son and said did you go in the old house yesterday no yes you did OK I confess I did well your grounded for two weeks now so it pays you back if you do something wrong.

by Matthew



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