Grammar for Writing
The texts and suggestions for these 'Grammar for Writing' exercises
are taken directly from the DfES booklet.
For further information and downloadable versions of the texts, please click here.

These ICT versions are designed to be demonstrated to the whole class by the teacher, on a large screen, or to be used individually by the children, at the discretion of the teacher.
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DfES Grammar Glossary

unit 2 Unit 1: Year 3 Term 1 Using verbs in sentences Textease Exercise (.te)
unit 2 Unit 2: Year 3 Term 1 Verb tenses
unit 20 Unit 20: Year 4 Term 1 Subject, Verb and Complement Textease Exercise (.te)
unit 20 Unit 21: Year 4 Term 1 Investigating verb tenses Textease exercise (.te)
unit 42 Unit 34: Year 5 Term 1 S3 and S6 Clause, conjunctions and commas. Textease exercise (.te)
unit 42 Unit 37: Year 5 Term 1 Verb tenses
unit 42 Unit 42: Year 5 Term 3 Identifying and classifying prepositions Textease Exercise (.te)
unit 44 Unit 44: Year 6 Term 1 Prepositional Phrases Textease Exercise (.te)
unit 50 Unit 50: Year 6 Term 2 T14 T19 Summarise the first paragraph of The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Open your word processor or notepad then copy and paste the relevant words, sections or notes from the passage.
unit 51 Unit 51: Year 6 Term 2 T13 T14 The shared writing section for this unit suggests reading and discussing Rudyard Kipling's poem If… and writing a parody of it, centred on notions of what you need to do to succeed/survive in your school. Click here for the full text of the poem, and other works by Kipling.