Shakey Snake The Quest forTreasure
An interactive story by Year Three.
Shakey Snake The Adventures of Shakey Snake.
Read a story, colour, play games and learn about snakes at this colourful web site.
Antelope Books Antelope - Books.
Old Time Fairy Tales, Stories, and Poems for children of all ages.
BAB Books On-line BAB Books On-line.
A site dedicated to children and children's stories
BBC - Stories BBC - Stories.
Listen to Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk and The Lion and the Mouse.
Children's Storybooks Online This site allows children to read selected books, answer riddles about them, and colour pages from the books. There are book reviews and related online links for the teacher.
Fablevision Fablevision.
A nice collection of modern day fables. Some can be read online and some can be downloaded from the site.
Grandpa Tucker's Rhymes and Tales Grandpa Tucker's Rhymes & Tales.
A nice collection of silly poems, songs, and stories, complete with attractive illustrations. Also includes a section with tips on how to write poems.
Lil' Fingers "Lil' Fingers storybooks is a computer storybook site for toddlers. Parents and children are encouraged to click from page to page reading and looking at colourful drawings (some of them even move!)."
Bear Time John and El's Bear Time.
"Follow the adventures of two travelling teddy bears, John and El!"
Bedtime Stories Bedtime Stories.
This site has lots of short stories about animals, adventures and make-believe. Older children can read the stories themselves.
Bean Time Stories BeanTime Stories.
Join Tippity Witchet at her windmill house as she shares 4 very nicely illustrated stories with you. Also includes a number of preschool activities.
Between The Lions This great site features an entertaining new story each week for you to read. You'll also find story-related games, a "word helper", literacy tips, an extensive collection of things to print, and lots more.
Candlelight Stories Candlelight Stories
A large selection of stories from around the world - many of them have illustrations.
Children's Stories Charming graphics illustrate these cute stories for children. Tag along with Nubbley Toad and Cricket as they take a trip to the zoo and visit the circus. A new story is promised each month.
Story Box Story Box.
Original, illustrated stories and activities for children.
Story Place Story Place.
Story Place is an interactive web site, providing children with animated stories about monkeys, babies, animals, teddy bears, and more.
Wugsy the little Bird Wugsy the Little Bird
Here is the story of a lovebird's short and sweet adventure.
The Internet Public Library Hour The Internet Public Library Story Hour.
The stories at this site are written in large bold type and illustrated with colourful graphics to attract young readers. Stories are arranged according to topic.
The North Star The North Star.
"Get ready for a very special story." Choose a character and follow him/her through a journey. You can choose to have the book read to you as well.
Room 108 Room 108.
Read animated stories with sound effects.