HERAKLES: also known to the English as Hercules
Many years ago in ancient Greece there lived a king called Amphitryon who had a wife called Alcmene. She was so beautiful that even Zeus, the chief of all the gods, fell in love with her. Alcmene had a baby son who she named Herakles. However the child's father was Zeus, not King Amphitryon. Zeus' wife Hera went wild with rage and jealousy, and was determined to get rid of Alcmene's son. She sent two snakes to kill Herakles as he lay in his cradle. But, even though he was only a baby, Herakles was so strong that he strangled both snakes with his bare hands.

As Herakles grew up he was taught how to wrestle, and how to use a sword. When he was old enough, at the age of eighteen, he left home looking for adventure.

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