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Fairy Tale Land Teachers' Notes

The "Fairy Tale Land" site is aimed at Yr 1 and Yr 2 children but there are some activities relevant to some younger or older children. The exercises will be of particular use when the fairytale is the focus text of the week, to reinforce sight recognition of new words that occur in the story. This will in turn assist children's own story writing.
The activities on the "Fairy Tale Land" site are intended to be used as part of the Literacy Hour as independent, small group or paired activities. As a guide for teachers, National Literacy Strategy Links are included on the contents pages.
Most activities have simple instructions on the page to follow. There are back buttons on most pages but on internet pages the back button on the top tool bar should be used.
In order to use Textease activities, your computer must have the Textease program installed. Some activities have direct internet links to related resources.