Listen to the story .
Listen to the story in Punjabi.
Sequencing Activity - N.L.S. Year 1/2 Term 2
Find words to describe the characters from the story (Textease)
Little Red Riding Hood Quiz - N.L.S. Year 2 Term 2
Speech Bubbles - Match the speech bubbles to the characters. N.L.S. Year 2 , Term 2 (Textease)
Write a letter to Grandma "Dear Granny"
Words and Pictures Game - N.L.S. Year1 Term 2 (Textease)
Rhyming words from the story N.L.S. Yr1 term 3. Yr2 Term 1,2,3
Fairytale Writing Frames to print.
Put the speech marks into the story N.L.S. Yr 2 Term 2
Teachers' notes
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