N.L.S. Links
Traditional Stories
Read and hear the story of Jack and the beanstalk R. Yr 1 Yr2 Term 2
Punjabi reading of the story R. Yr 1 Yr2 Term 2
Jack's letter to the giant R. Yr1 Yr2 term 2
Jack's Quiz. A comprehension exercise linked to the story. Y2 Term 1, 2, 3
Hunt down the "ee" and "ea" words. Y1 Term 3
Y2 term 3
Jack's Crossword Yr 2
How to grow a beanstalk. A sequencing activity (in Textease). Y1 Term3
Yr 2 Term 1
Put in the speech marks and full stops Yr2 Term 2
Similes from the story Yr2 Term 3
Unscramble the sentences. Yr2 Term 1
  Jack's Matching Game. Matching words from the story. R. Yr1
Matching initial letters of words from the story R. Yr 1
Fairytale Writing Frames to print.  
Teachers' notes  
Thankyou to UAPB Art Department for allowing the use of the pictures of Jack. Click the button to see another version of "Jack".