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Goldilocks and the Three Bears Quiz

Here is part of the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Read it through carefully. You must choose the correct words in the spaces to make sense.

  The three bears   going for a walk into the woods.  Goldilocks peeped into their house. She   quite a nosy little girl and she went into the kitchen.  

She   the porridge in Father Bear's bowl.   It  too hot.   She   at Mother Bear's porridge.   She   that too. But it was too salty. " Yuk!" she cried.   Then she tried Baby Bear's porridge. " This  just right !" she said.  " I   so full now I need a rest"

She   for a chair. Father Bear's chair was too big, and Mother Bear's chair was too hard.   She found Baby Bear's chair. " That one looks just right" she said and threw herself so hard into the chair that it   " Oh bother!" she shouted and started to climb the stairs...

Once you have filled in the words, read it through to make sure that the story makes sense. Then click on the button to see what you have scored.