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Listen to the story
Traditional Stories
Listen to the story in Punjabi
Traditional Stories
The Three Bears "ed" or "ing" Endings (Textease)
Yr Term 3
Yr2 Term 1
Alphabetical Order Game.
Yr 1 Term1
Fill in the missing words to the story.
Yr1, Y2 Term 2, 3
Goldilocks Quiz. Present, past or future tense.
Yr 2 Term 1
Yr1 Term 3
Three Bears Crossword.
Yr 2 Term 2, 3
Music and Words to "Teddy Bears' Picnic  
Rhyming Word Groups from the story (Textease)
Yr 1 Term 3
Yr 2 Term 1, 2, 3
Fairytale Writing Frames to print.  
Write a letter to Baby Bear from Goldilocks to say sorry
R. Yr1, Yr2
Traditional stories
Teachers' notes  


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