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Charles Dickens

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Teacher's notes.

This site is intended to give students at KS3 and 4 who may struggle with accessing the 'English Literary Heritage', referred to in the English National Curriculum, an opportunity to read and understand something of Charles Dickens and some of his works.

The aim of the site design and content is to enable students to read Dickens' texts in context, through accessing the Internet. A wide range of ICT opportunities are explored; an implicit benefit will be increased fluency using the Internet as a research tool.

The site is not intended to stand alone without teacher mediation. Some students may access it independently but the majority will not. Teachers should therefore familiarise themselves thoroughly with the content before using it to complement their teaching.

The notes below are not exhaustive but are meant as a guide. Appropriate draft objectives from the Framework for teaching English Year 9 are included. Underpinning the whole site is objective 13; Study of Literary texts 'extend their understanding of literary heritage by relating major writers to their historical, and explaining their appeal over time'.

Front Page Dickens wrote 'Hard Times' after a visit to Preston during the Great Preston Strike. It is thought he based the novel on Preston.

Headlines and subheadings Reading for Meaning 10
Articles Research and Study skills 1,2,4.
  Reading for Meaning 6, 9 and 10
Horoscopes Research and Study 1, 3
  Writing IEE 1
Have your say (email) Research and Study 4
  Writing PAA 9, ARC 13, PDP 20
Activities Study of Literary texts 11,12,13,15
  Understanding Author's Craft 16, 19
  Speaking and Listening 11
Glossary Research and Study skills 1
Travel Study of literary texts 13

Please also refer to National Curriculum guidelines in all NC areas regarding the Use of language across the curriculum and Use of ICT across the curriculum. Please use the pull-down menu on the National Curriculum page to access these areas.

National Curriculum Guidelines

The site is intended to support the assessment requirements at both Key Stages.

If you have any comments to make or queries about this site please contact Hilary King.


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