ied Piper Making Notes
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Making Notes/Summarising

Read Verse 2 from The Pied Piper.

Verse 2

They fought the dogs and killed the cats,
And bit the babies in the cradles,
And ate the cheeses out of the vats,
And licked the soup from the cooks' own ladles,
Split open the kegs of salted sprats,
Made nests inside men's Sunday hats,
And even spoiled the women's chats,
By drowning their speaking
With shrieking and squeaking
In fifty different sharps and flats.

Copy and paste the verse into your word processor.
Count the number of words in the verse (your word processor should be able to do this automatically for you.)
Go through the verse and delete about half the words.
Then go through it again and delete some more words.
Finally, try to write a sentence of less than ten words that summarises verse 2.
(Remember, it must still make sense and keep its main meaning.)

Further activities

  1. Repeat this exercise for any of the other verses in the poem.
  2. You could try to summarise the whole of the poem - one sentence for each verse.
  3. You could try to reduce your sentences further by changing them into newspaper headlines e.g. Five hundred years ago Hamelin suffered from rats could become Hamelin suffers rats or Rats to Hamelin!

Copy and paste instructions

  1. Click your cursor at the beginning of the text or graphic that you want to copy.
  2. Highlight what you want to copy, by dragging your cursor across.
  3. Press Ctrl C to copy.
  4. Click your cursor where you want to paste.
    Press Ctrl V to paste.

How do I count the number of words?

  1. Highlight the words that you want to count by dragging the cursor across.
  2. Go to Tools then Word Count on your menu bar.
    Read off the number of words.
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ied Piper Making Notes
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