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22nd June 18
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The Maya Civilisation



Thursday 23rd March 2017 at Woodlands, Chorley

• Learn about the characteristics of Maya civilisation and their remarkable achievements and popular misunderstandings 
• Examples of teaching activities that can be used in all subjects across the curriculum
• Learn to calculate Maya numbers and determine dates in the Maya calendar
• Receive a resource packet that includes information, teaching activities and accurate online and printed resources
• Presented by Dr Diane Davies, aimed at participants with little or no prior knowledge of the Maya 

For more information about this course please contact rowena.pryor@lancashire.gov.uk 

I am a Mesoamerican archaeologist and anthropologist specialising on the Maya. As the Maya are now a subject of study in the primary history curriculum, I am grateful for the opportunity to help to spread the word about this fascinating culture. There is little accurate information in the UK, online and in books, on the Maya and so I am holding teacher workshops and creating resources that can be used in the classroom. I carried out my research at the ancient Maya site of San Bartolo, Guatemala, famous for its murals. I am currently writing articles on my research and a book on the reuse of ancient buildings, monuments and tombs.

Dr Diane Davies, Specialist and Consultant on the Maya http://www.mayaarchaeologist.co.uk