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22nd June 18
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ICT & History

A range of resources to encourage teachers to think about using ICT beyond the word processor to write up history.  


Online databases:

Ellis Island Immigration Records

Lancashire Births Marriages and Deaths

UK Births Marriages and Deaths (as above but for all other counties)

1901 Census

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Old Maps of Lancashire (...The 1610 Speed map of Lancashire can be found here)

Maps of John Speed

Roman Roads in Lancashire


Pupil Friendly Web Sites:


Romans in Sussex ( ...What did the Romans build their villas with)

British Museum Children's Compass site (...The Ribchester Hoard)

Tudor History (... the Hampton Court Clock, Thomas More picture and the sound samples can be found here)


Searching the Internet

Boiler Plate Robot ( ... the plausibility of materials on the Internet)


Using a Flex Camera to bring Artefacts to all pupils in the classroom.

Les used a simple piece of commonly available software (Textease) to show images of small, delicate or valuable artefacts which were enlaged using a data projector for all to see. While the lighting (yellow table lamp bulb) and projection screen was of low quality, the images are actually very good. Click here to see a captured Textease page showing the silver artefact.The file is 3.7Mb

These Flex Cameras are available from a number of sources including: Philip Harris and Economatics.