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19th April 21
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Digimap for schools provides access to digital Ordnance Survey maps across the whole of Britain at all scales. 

It also provides the 1890s maps - one inch to the mile.

All maps, which can be centred at any point, can be annotated online or printed off.

The cost for Primary Schools is £69 per year.

Digimapforschools can be used on a range of devices including laptops and iPads.

Have you seen MARIO yet?

 MARIO = Maps And Related Information Online

  • Use this site to find your way around the County Of Lancashire:
  • Find an address or a road within the county.
  • Display Public Rights Of Way and other countryside information.
  • Find out where schools and libraries are located.
  • Look at historic Ordnance Survey maps for most of the urban areas in Lancashire.
  • Switch on the Aerial Photographs available for the whole of Lancashire.
  • See where Speed Cameras are located and where accidents have occurred.
  • Find out who the County Councillor is at any given location in the County.