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5th February 16
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iPads and ICT in the Early Years


Please use the additional pages in the menu to the left of this page to access additional resources and information regarding the use of ICT within the EYFS curriculum.

What's available to support the New EYFS Framework?



Links to ICT through the Areas of Learning and Development:-
The link below will take you to a page with the different areas of learning. Clicking on an area of learning will provide you with useful ICT links to this sections and ideas for activities of how ICT can be incorporated into the area of Learning and Development.

Click here to link to the EYFS Areas of Learning and Development and the incorporated ICT ideas and activities.



The 'new curriculum' for ICT will come into effect for schools from September 2014.  The latest draft document is available from the link above.  To date, the new curriculum now referes to ICT as 'Computing' and places a greater emphasis on the 'control' element of ICT particularly at Key Stage 2.

The  PDF above (New Computing Curriculum) is the Computing  section  extracted from the complete document 'The National Curriculum in England' Framework Document for consultation Pages 152 & 153.(February 2013). 

 If you would like any help or support with ICT within the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 please contact us through the form below.